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Donald Cerrone answers Bobby Green racism charges: 'I have three black guys who live with me'

The UFC Lightweight was not impressed with his almost opponent's comments on the MMA Hour alleging racism and groping of fans.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone jilted Bobby Green, at one time his scheduled UFC 178 opponent, for a bigger match to welcome ex-Bellator champ Eddie Alvarez to the UFC. Green reacted to the change by going off on Cerrone on Monday's MMA Hour calling him the "most obnoxious asshole" he ever met and accusing Cerrone of making racist remarks and groping female fans.

Cerrone spoke with Sherdog and didn't hold back, "That was two years ago, ya' know? Why didn't any of this come out? Why didn't a fan file a lawsuit or say, 'Yo, Cowboy is groping my wife,' c'mon. Or racist comments ... I have three black guys that live with me. So if I was racist, I couldn't even let something like that ... it's just funny to me. Talk all you want. If the fans want to believe him, go ahead. If you take Bobby Green's word, a guy who just wants to say dumb comments ... I got nothing to say to the guy other than one day I'll see you Bobby Green."

Green, meanwhile is struggling to clarify his comments.

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