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Tweet of the Day: Alistair Overeem says he weighs 210 lbs

So Alistair Overeem says he's down to only 210 lbs now... Right.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For some weird reason, people love talking about Alistair Overeem's weight. So much so that he receives Tweet of the Day honors for getting the internet in a frenzy and reigniting all the talk about him slimming down -- all with a single typo tweet.

Donald Cerrone and the guys at Jackson's had a game of frisbee, and when asked about his weight, here's what Overeem replied:

Cerrone's original tweet came with photos of course. While he admittedly is a bit leaner these days, let's just say that the Reem doesn't exactly look like a light heavyweight just yet:

Overeem faces Big Ben Rothwell next week at UFC Fight Night 50, that's if he doesn't do more Ultimate Frisbee and drop to middleweight before then.

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