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Demian Maia hospitalized with bone infection, requires six-week antibiotics treatment through IVs

UFC welterweight competitor Demian Maia has been sidelined with a serious bone injury that will force him to undergo a six-week antibiotics treatment through IVs.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an ill fated few weeks for Demian Maia.

Originally scheduled to meet Mike Pyle last week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Brazilian welterweight was forced to withdraw from the contest when he suffered a bone bruise that eventually morphed into a staph infection. If that was not bad enough, it would contaminate further and become a bone infection, which hospitalized Maia last Tuesday.

According to's Ariel Helwani, who revealed the news on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, Maia's manager Eduardo Alonso mentioned that his client was being treated for osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection caused by bacteria.

"Maia has been diagnosed with a bone infection," Helwani said on the show. "He was released on Friday. He'll be taking antibiotics for about six weeks and is out indefinitely."

Considering the infection is in Maia's clavicle bone, he will be required to undergo a six-week antibiotics treatment as well as an oral course following that.

Maia is expected to undergo the antibiotics treatment for at least the next five weeks before doctors reassess his health and determine whether he will be capable of competing in the near future.

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