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Jose Aldo says shove of Chad Mendes was promotional move 'to spice things up'

Jose Aldo has admitted that he shoved Chad Mendes after being encouraged to improve his fight promotion by his coach.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

When Jose Aldo shoved Chad Mendes at the media day staredown it was a moment that was clearly out of character for the long time featherweight champ.

Aldo's coach, Dede Pederneiras, recently said that he had advised his fighters to start talking trash and taking similar marketing approaches as it's "what the market wants," which seemed to be the driving force behind the shove.

Aldo has now admitted that was the case. Speaking with the media on Wednesday, Aldo expanded on the situation. As transcribed by MMA Fighting:

"We were talking to Andre (Pederneiras) in a meeting about how we could improve our fight promotions. It’s part of the show. But I told Andre after (the staredown) that it’s not my style," Aldo said. "It was not staged, we were talking (trash) to each other and it happened. … We (Aldo and Pederneiras) tried to spice things up, but that’s it."


"I’ve never pushed anyone during a staredown before," he said. "I should behave better. I'm not saying I regret it. We did it, it was good. There was a good thing about it that people are now talking about it, but it’s not who I am. It won’t happen again."

So, it sounds like this will be the last we see of that side of the UFC champ.

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