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Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski squash beef, post smiling selfie together

Following their gym incident last week, it appears as though Alistair Overeem and Andre Arlovski are once again on friendly terms.

While many assumed that things had gone permanently sour for Alistair Overeem at his new gym, Jackson's MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it appears as though he has managed to mend fences with "The Pitbul" Andrei Arlovski, whom he had allegedly injured last week during a sparring session.

Arlovski revealed last week that he had almost been hospitalized by "The Reem" during their sparring session.

"I do not like to wash dirty linen in public, but in these words there is a weighty truth," Arlovski told "A few days ago I was sparring with Alistair Overeem and experienced firsthand how it can end. As usual sparring goes: men represent strikes, touch each other, but do not tend to cause real damage to the partner. During one of the highlights of our sparring Overeem hit me with the hardest knee kick in the stomach. In a real fight would turn out for me by knockout.

Now it appears as if things are back to normal - whatever normal is for these two heavyweight athletes.

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