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UFC: Macau Photo Gallery Part 2: Prelims, Special Guests, and Ring Girls

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Check out part 2 of's UFC: Macau photo gallery.

During the preliminary card of UFC: Macau, top Japanese prospect Yuta Sasaki shined during his MMA debut, showcasing crisp striking and highly impressive grappling acumen as he quickly submitted a fellow Judo black belt in Roland Delorme. Also making his mark during his UFC debut, was Hong Kong's Alberto Mina, knocking out King of Pancrase Shinsho Anzai.

Both men earned an extra $50,000 for their efforts.

Found above are's photos from the two aforementioned bouts, behind the scenes action, along with other preliminary bouts Colby Covington vs. Anying Wang, Wang Sai vs. Danny Mitchell, Milana Dudieva vs. Elizabeth Phillips, and Royston Wee vs. Yao Zhikui.

Among notable behind the scenes shots are Ronda Rousey being mobbed by kids from Macau's 'Be Cool' community project, Luke Rockhold sitting cageside with Freddie Roach, and the Octagon girls.

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