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Dana White talks 'Crazy fun night' with Nate Diaz

Dana White and Nate Diaz may have partied together recently, but work still needs to be done before Nate will be seen in the Octagon again.

Much has been made of the tug of war between Nate Diaz and the UFC top brass in recent months, but it seems that the parties may be a little bit closer to a resolution.

Dana relayed a 'very rough night' after the TUF 20 finale where 'damage was done'. Not further damage to Nate Diaz's ties to the UFC, but to 'brain cells'.

"Physically it was a pretty crazy night. Crazy fun night", Dana laughed. "But Nate and I got to spend some quality time together."

While a fun night for the UFC President and his unruly employee is good news for Nate Diaz fans who are itching to see him back in the Octagon, Dana cooled the excitement a little by admitting there is still work to be done before that can happen.

"We were out having fun", Dana said. "We talked business for a little while. We got together in a room, and where he is and where we are, we're not even close."

Never fear though, as Dana did confirm that further talks will happen.

"But Nate and I got together that night and talked, and we're going to get back together when I get in the country."

That may be a few weeks away yet, as Dana also said at the scrum that he will be on the road until early September.

Let's hope the UFC and Nate can come to a mutual understanding now his older brother Nick has, so that the fans can have double the amount of their patented brand of violence.

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