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UFC Fight Night Tulsa: Benson Henderson vs Rafael dos Anjos knockout highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC Fight Night Tulsa main event between Benson Henderson and Rafael dos Anjos.

The UFC's return to Tulsa, Oklahoma concluded with a staggering upset victory for Rafael dos Anjos, who knocked out Benson Henderson in the opening round of their main event battle to announce himself as a legitimate contender in the lightweight division.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight below:

Dos Anjos draws first blood with a right kick to the midsection. Henderson thuds an outside low kick. Hook/cross combo from Henderson but Dos Anjos threads a left through his guard. Henderson bombs a punch to the ribs and Dos Anjos comes right back with a left kick to the body. Henderson floors Dos Anjos with a powerful teep. It's tit for tat as Dos Anjos slams a kick to the body of Henderson.

Dos Anjos comes over the top with a left hand and then lands another of the same after a set-up right hook in the next sequence. Dos Anjos goes airborne for a flying switch knee and it lands, then he jack-hammers a left hand into Henderson's jaw as he's standing up, and the blow sends him down and flat onto his back. Referee "Big" John McCarthy steps in and waves the fight off.

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