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Antonio ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira plans on completing his UFC contract before retiring by the end of 2015

Former UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira revealed that he plans on retiring by the end of 2015 when he completes his UFC contract.

Maxx Wolfson

Antonio ‘Minotauro' Nogueira is not prepared to hang up the gloves just yet.

The former PRIDE heavyweight champion revealed that he plans on fighting until the end of 2015, which would allow him to complete the two fights remaining on his current UFC contract.

"I know I won't fight forever," Nogueira told Ag. Fight. "I'm focused on my gym's business now. It's a beautiful work, we have 9,000 students, 32 gyms. ... I plan to end my career by the end of the next year, I believe. One more year. It's until the point my body can handle.

"So many injuries, I'm dedicating to other things now. I will decide when the time comes. I have two more fights in my contract, and then I'll stop (fighting)."

Nogueira compiled a 34-9-1 record during his storied career and will likely be remembered as one of the legends of the sport, even though he has lost four of his last six fights, including a vicious KO loss to Roy Nelson in Abu Dhabi last April. It was following that violent stoppage that fans and pundits began to seriously call for the Brazilian's retirement.

The former UFC interim champion does not understand the criticism.  Using the unique example of Randy Couture, who fought until the age of 47, Nogueira attempted to contrast fandom in the USA and Brazil, where Americans considered Couture a national hero, while critical Brazilian fans called for his retirement.

They want to rush my retirement. The fans are very critical in Brazil," he said. "You see Randy Couture's career. He has two wins for each loss, and he's treated like an idol. He's Capitan American, national hero. I have four wins for each loss, and they say I have to retire.

"Brazilians are very critical, and I think it's a bad mentality for the athlete."

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