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Ken Shamrock has ‘issues’ with War Machine after the fighter took his 17-year-old daughter to Mexico and left her stranded

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Former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock revealed his own reasons for hating War Machine, which had nothing to do with his recent domestic abuse case.

Josh Hedges Zuffa LLC, via Getty Images

Ken Shamrock is still on the lookout to exact vengeance on Jon Koppenhaver, but it is not in regards to the fighter's recent brutal domestic abuse incident against Christy Mack.

According to the UFC legend, Koppenhaver once took his 17-year-old daughter to Mexico only to abandon her there to fend for herself.

"The thing that's sad about this is, I started Jon. When he first came into MMA, I'm the one that broke him into it in San Diego. I had issues with him. My 17-year-old daughter and Jon was 20-something years old, well he took her to Mexico and left her over there. He then ended up disappearing and I haven't seen him since."

Since then, Shamrock has been unable to find Koppenhaver and insists that he will "break his neck" if he does get his hands on him.

"He's always been hiding from me because he knows if I see him I'll break his neck. He's always had an issue with this and the guy needs help. He doesn't need to do it by himself, he needs to, by the court, be put into some sort or rehab so he starts understanding. Because it doesn't have anything to do with him naturally, it's when he starts partying and out doing things he shouldn't be doing."

Koppenhaver is expected to face a number of charges, including battery with substantial bodily harm, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and strangulation.  Shamrock added that Koppenhaver, who was captured by California and extradited to Nevada, needs to be kept off the streets for the safety of those around him.

"He needs help, they need to get him off the street because if it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have access to another knife, who knows if this girl (Mack) would be alive right now."

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