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Tommy Toehold: Cerrone contemplates Alvarez, pontoons, and fighting dinosaurs

In this Tommy Toe Hold episode exclusive for SBNation, Not Donald Cerrone gives the rundown on Eddie Alvarez, his title hopes, and whether we're living in a simulation.

What's up fight fans!? I'm Tommy Toe Hold bringing you another completely 100% fake interview with one of your favorite fighters. Maybe it's the horrible impressions that give away the fact that this isn't a real interview. Maybe it's the animation that consists of still pictures with jaws flapping roughly to the words being spoken. But more than likely it's the level of stupidity in the words being spoken that gave you the notion that what you are witnessing is both completely fake and essentially a waste of your day. But you're killing time at work anyway, so why not ruin your productivity with me! Today, I talk to Donald Cerrone, who will comain UFC 178 with the recently acquired Eddie Alvarez. The Cowboy says more in three minutes than most people say in three days as we explore life, reality, fighting dinosaurs, and occasionally mixed martial arts.