Old School Fight Metric : Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn

Well its time to take a look at one of the most famous fights from the early UFCs. While Royce Gracie had dropped out of the UFC 3 tournament (cementing Harold Howards legendary status), he was still widely considered the best fighter in the UFC. Dan Severn, was debuting at UFC 4 and was the first real legit wrestler to enter the NHB tournament. Thoroughly impressing Jeff Blatnick, Severn steamrolled through the competition into the tournament finals. Royce Gracie did the usual, submitted every opponent on his way to the finals (including a good fight vs Keith Hackney).

It was very clear that Severn, although a great wrestler, was not very good at striking and had a limited submission game. Because of this, Severn relied almost entirely on his wrestling vs Royce, taking Royce down early in the fight and remaining in his guard for 15 minutes. Severn offered little offense and seemed to be hoping on Royce gassing out or tapping out due to the smothering. Severn attempted some punches and did try to grind Royce into the fence several times, but it was Royce who was the busier fighter (even from his back). Eventually Royce would pull off the first triangle choke in the UFCs history, shocking everybody and solidifying his spot as a legend of the sport.

Royce Gracie

Standing Punches: 0

Stand Kicks : 2/5

Punches from the Bottom: 79

Kicks from Bottom: 24

Submissions : 1/4 (two gi chokes, 1 failed triangle, followed by the winning triangle)

Total: 105 strikes landed

Dan Severn

Standing Punches and Kicks : 0

Take Downs: 1/1

Submissions: 0/3 (two smother chokes and 1 forearm choke attempt)

Punches from Top: 22 / 41

Head Butts : 1/3

Hair Pulls : 2

Fence Pins : 3

Attempts to Pass Guard: 0/5

Total: 23 strikes landed and 2 hair pulls

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