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Lombard no longer ‘Lightning’, changes nickname to ‘Showeather’

Former Bellator middleweight champion hector Lombard revealed on Wednesday afternoon that he had officially changed his nickname from ‘Lightning’ to ‘Showeather.’

Chris Hyde

It appears that Hector Lombard has undergone ‘significant transformation' as a professional athlete by changing his name from ‘Lightning' to ‘Showeather.'

The former Bellator middleweight champion took to Facebook to explain his reasons for changing the nickname.

Hector "Lightning" Lombard and the brand has undergone a significant transformation. I wanted my new identity to satisfy my growth and perseverance as a professional competitive athlete.

From this moment on, I will be known as Hector "Showeather" Lombard. Through any ups and downs, through any injuries, wins or losses, I will always show up and do my best. I will always continue through fight THRU ANY WEATHER.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and has continue to show love and support. I'm feeling better and starting to train again, I can't wait till the next match!

Apart from this head-scratching decision being surprisingly sudden, it simply makes very little sense to combine ability to ‘show up' and ‘fight through the weather.'

Thankfully, it appears Lombard has another reason for changing his nickname: he recently started his own clothing brand with the exact same name.

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