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Chuck Zito says he'd do the same thing as War Machine, then apologizes and frames self as defender of women

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Chuck Zito said stupid things and then said more stupid things to excuse the previous stupid things.

Josh Hedges Zuffa LLC, via Getty Images

Chuck Zito, former Sons of Anarchy star and former president of the New York chapter of the Hell's Angels, issued an apology on TMZ yesterday for his comments that War Machine "just overreacted, I guess" when he attacked Christy Mack and another man earlier this month. Zito had expanded on the "overreaction" comment by punching his hand while saying "if my girl was bangin' somebody I'd be doing the same thing."

It was a moment that sadly echoed the reaction of many MMA comment sections in the wake of the news of the former UFC star's actions and subsequent manhunt.

The video caused an immediate stir on social media and, in a clear, "go clean up your mess" move, Zito went back to TMZ to issue his apology, but managed to do it in about the worst way possible.

First, Zito said that he was trying to set the record straight on "some comments I supposedly said," claiming that he was trying to say that it's none of his or anybody else's business what they (Koppenhaver and Mack) do. He then stressed that when he said he would do the same thing if he caught his wife or girlfriend cheating that he was just expressing his "own personal feelings," but he "chose the wrong words to express himself."

Zito  then did the most predictable thing possible. He started mentioning every female relative he has in an effort to make it clear that he loves women and would never let anyone he cares about come to harm.

Finally, Zito turned himself into the victim. He said that "haters on social media" had been telling him that he deserved the cancer he'd previously been afflicted with, "Nobody in this world deserves cancer. And no woman in this world deserves to be beat by any man, no matter what the circumstances might be. And if I saw any man beat a woman..I'd personally come to her defense. And people who really know family, my friends, my clients, actors and actresses I worked with, know that's the truth."

Zito would continue, "I'm a very honorable and loyal and respectful person and I would never ever ever condone domestic violence."

You know...except for the part where his "personal feelings" are that he would do the same thing in the same situation.