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Josh Barnett interested in Jared Rosholt fight: ‘I'm not here to make origami cranes’

UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett is open to the suggested Jared Rosholt fight, but doubts he will be back in the octagon anytime soon.

Josh Barnett is in no rush to get back into the octagon.

The former heavyweight champion has not been seen in MMA action since his last octagon outing at UFC 168, where he lost to Travis Browne in the opening minute of the bout.

Since then, Barnett has filmed a straight-to-DVD movie in Romania with Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones titled "Mercenary: Absolution." Most recently, he submitted Dean Lister at the Metamoris grappling event to become the first person in 16 years to achieve that feat.

While he has been enjoying his time away from the cage, other heavyweights have quietly begun to swarm their prey in the hopes of securing a coveted opportunity to prove their worth against a former champion. The most recent example is Jared Rosholt, who recently called Barnett out on twitter.

"It's unusual for someone to actually call me out for once," Barnett said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "But I mean, I guess if there was a possibility to make that fight, I would show the world exactly why I'm not the one to call out."

The challenge is one that Barnett plans on taking seriously, as he is confident that Rosholt only called him out because he saw it as a fight he could win comfortably.

"People don't call out folks," said Barnett. "Unless you're Japanese, and in the Japanese culture they call out people they don't even believe they should be in the ring with, they just want the honor, the opportunity to get their nose plowed across their face by them. When it comes to the UFC western MMA, you don't call people out you don't think you can beat. So clearly, Jared's manager and all the people around him, they must have talked it into him that he somehow can defeat me in the ring.

Barnett refused to commit himself to the fight but admitted that it was something that could interest him in the near future.

"I appreciate the fact he respectfully asked for the fight, and if he really wants to test himself, or even if he really thinks he can beat me, no one gets anywhere in fighting by sitting around not trying to fight people. I'm here to fight folks, I'm not here to talk about them, I'm not here to make origami cranes with them. But I am here to kick ass and take names. I don't have any problem putting Rosholt on my belt."

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