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Rodolfo Vieira starts Muay Thai training and considers possible move to MMA

The BJJ ace said that he is having his "ass kicked" in the process of learning Muay Thai since he began to practice a month ago.


Four time world Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, Rodolfo Vieira thinks about moving to compete at MMA but not any time soon. The 24-year-old BJJ practitioner has started to train Muay Thai to have a striking base when making the transition - and is taking some beatings in the process, as he told

"I've been thinking about it but it's too soon. I've been training Muay Thai only since a month ago. I'm enjoying it but, so far, I just got my ass kicked (laughs). In the future, when I get confidence in my stand up game, I'll think better about this transition. I still need more time."

As a demonstration, Vieira posted in his Instagram account him doing a still little developed boxing pad work. "Dude, to learn Jiu-Jitsu was hard. But I'm not that bad at my fifth class lol. I barely could keep my hands raised at this point. I'm really enjoying and with a lot of will to learn," he wrote.

On February of 2012, he told that he would only make the transition after four world absolute titles in BJJ - he has one so far.

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