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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Bas Rutten injures leg, skips ER & stitches himself up

Bas Rutten takes matters into his own hands with an injury he sustained at home, skips the emergency room and stitches himself up.

I once read an interview that was conducted with former UFC Heavyweight champion, Bas Rutten stating that he had the testosterone levels of two normal men put together. It was 10 years ago, and I remember thinking that Rutten was just the epitome of what a real badass should be.

Just in case another reason is needed to chalk up a  new point in the column of badassery, Bas released a video a few days ago of an injury he suffered in 2008, and the dramatic measures he took to avoid having to spend hours in an emergency room. Props to his daughters for their filming of the incident which shows Rutten immediately after the injury.

Apparently, Bas dropped a glass bottle that shattered and a large piece went straight through his pants leg and left a deep wound on his upper thigh. Having had previous experiences with extremely long wait times in the emergency room, he decided to take matters into his own hands and stitch himself up. He describes the wound, and at one point even claims that the needle is not sharp enough. The family dog, Luna, is also on hand to observe.

WARNING: Graphic video

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