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Conor McGregor on meeting Sean Combs: 'P. Diddy's a little up his own a**'

Conor McGregor met Diddy last year, and he was a little less than impressed with the interaction.

Okay, so this isn't exactly "new" apparently this is from an interview last year, shortly after Conor McGregor's well publicized trip to the US to rehab his knee, among other things. But, this clip has been making the rounds recently, from one of McGregor's appearances on Ireland's The Late Late Show. There, McGregor talked about meeting P. Diddy at a UCLA game. I think it's fair to say he was less than enamored by his interactions with the hop hop star.

Yeah, I mean P. Diddy's a little up his own ass, to be honest.

Now, we were at a college football game, UCLA... But he is, you know what I mean? He didn't even want to get in the picture, barely shook my hand. I was about to just give him a left to the chin, real quick.

This is LA isn't it, you just go around meeting people, so I'm just having fun. But, P. Diddy was on the bottom of the list of people I wanted to meet. Especially after finally meeting him.

McGregor also talked about his intentions of keeping his camp in Ireland longterm, his relationship with his mother, and about what got him into fighting in the first place. So, check it out.

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