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Couture disagrees with Bocek’s stance on PEDs: ‘If it was rampant there'd be a lot more guys coming up positive on tests’

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Former UFC champion Randy Couture openly disagrees with Mark Bocek’s recent comments on PEDs being rampant in MMA.

Kevin C. Cox

Randy Couture is not one to suggest that performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are rampant in the sport of MMA. In fact, he considers it to be a far smaller concern than many fighters have made it out to be.

The former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight champion revealed his doubts regarding the dramatization of PEDs in MMA. While it is certainly an issue that needs to be dealt with permanently, Couture does not believe that it is a trickle down effect that affects most fighters. Instead, he suggests that it is just a handful of fighters who are prepared to take the lofty risks of suspensions and fines to enhance their bodies.

"I think there's always going to be some guys that try to cut corners, who are looking for that short cut or that loop hole, and are willing to kinda take that risk," Couture told Submission Radio. "I mean the penalty is pretty significant. If you get caught, you're gonna lose the opportunity for at least a year to make a living in your sport. And I mean not to mention the damage to your reputation. So I think there are guys, always gonna be a handful of guys that are willing to kinda take those risks. And I think there was a loop hole that maybe some of the guys where using a little bit with the TRT programs which obviously has been closed recently and made a lot of headlines"

Retired UFC lightweight Mark Bocek recently came out and explained that PEDs were a big part of the reason that he exited the sport in such an untimely fashion. While the Canadian brings up an important point, Couture believes it is an over exaggeration of the actual facts; had their been more PED users, there would have been more positive drug tests.

"I didn't really agree with Mark's statement that it was rampant in Mixed Martial Arts. I don't think it's rampant. I think if it was rampant there'd be a lot more guys coming up positive on tests, and there's certainly been a few guys, but if it was rampant then it would be a whole lot more. So I don't know that I agree with that statement, but you know it's human nature."