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Video: Dana White UFC Fight Night Bangor post-fight media scrum

UFC President Dana White joined members of the media following the conclusion of the UFC Fight Night Bangor card to discuss a variety of topics, including the fallout from the event, Gray Maynard, as well as the Jones-Cormier media day brawl.

A sore throat did not stop Dana White from conducting his traditional post-fight media scrum following the conclusion of the main card on Saturday night.

The UFC President joined MMA pundits to discuss a variety of topics, including the Gina Carano to Bellator rumour, the Jones-Cormier brawl, as well as where the leaked interview came from.

White went into detail regarding the Jones-Cormier media day brawl, and explained that while he doubted they would have been able to stop the incident from taking place, he promised that this would not become commonplace in the promotion.

"I don't think that that was something that was thought about," White said. "What happened was when Jones went in fast and hard, he headbutted him," White said. "Listen, you've got two of the baddest dudes in the world going face-to-face. That's why every time you do a stare-down, it's always explosive and anything can happen. Two of my favorite things in this sport, the weigh-ins and the fight. At the weigh-ins, guys have been away from their families for eight weeks or longer. They're cutting weight. The fight's the next day, they're nasty, they're mean and they're irritable. And it's explosive and anything can happen. Then the day of the fight is the reason we all watch."

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