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Dana White uncertain about Gray Maynard’s future but does not want to ‘chase him out of the game’

UFC President Dana White revealed that he will have a talk with Gray Maynard regarding his future with the promotion.

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Gray Maynard failed to pick up his first win in over two years on Saturday night when Ross Pearson knocked him unconscious in the second round of their co-main event clash in Bangor, Maine. While the contest marked Maynard's third straight TKO loss in the UFC, Dana White is still not alarmed enough to pressure the lightweight to hang up the gloves.

The decision comes as a surprise considering Maynard has been knocked out in his four of his last fight fights dating back to 2011. White's reasoning behind this is that since Maynard was medically cleared to fight he must have been healthy enough to take the damage.

"Obviously he came here to fight, and he's been cleared medically to fight, I think the kid is healthy," White said at the post-fight press conference. "But, you know, it's probably a discussion we might have. I'm not looking to chase Gray out of the game or anything like that. I'll talk to him though.

While Maynard is 35 years old and visibly deteriorating as a professional athlete, it seems that White still considers him a "young guy" and is offering him the choice over what he would like to do with his future.

"These guys go through extensive medical testing and we know getting knocked out isn't good for you. But we'll see. He's a young guy, he's talented, we'll see what he wants to do."

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