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Knockout! Watch Tim Boetsch vs. Brad Tavares full fight video highlights

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Watch the KO that got the winner an extra $50,000 from the UFC.

The Barbarian did it again. Much like his bout against Yushin Okami, Tim Boetsch was losing most of the bout until he managed to pull off yet another come from behind win when he took on Brad Tavares at UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. Saint Preux. Watch highlights above along with more details of the bout below:

R1: Boetsch shoots for a single with no set up and Tavares easily stuffs it, pushing Boetsch on the fence with an underhook. Boetsch bangs two knees to the body and nearly hits an outer leg reap throw but Tavares keeps his balance. They separate and Boetsch locks up again to push Tavares on the fence but Tavares circles off with the same far-side underhook.

Tavares cleaves Boetsch with a horizontal elbow that literally leaves a dent in Boetsch's forehead. He swings another but it doesn't land with as much mustard. Tavares disconnects and they restart in the center. Tavares slips in an uppercut whilst barely missing Boetsch's huge counter right. Boetsch throws a short right and gets in on Tavares' hips but Tavares is slippery once again and gets back to his feet, moving into the rear waist cinch and throwing knees to the body and head. The knees keep coming and they're partially blocked but thrown with big power. 10-9 Tavares.

R2: Tavares locks horns early and drives Boetsch into the fence with the right hand on his entry worsening the cut on Boetsch's forehead. The overhand right isn't disguising Boetsch's takedown attempt as Tavares dodges it casually. Boetsch goes to the lunging left hook but the follow-up takedown attempt is too predictable. Tavares circles off the fence with an underhook and then keeps Boetsch there with a body lock.

The ref steps in with two minutes left and Boetsch crushes Tavares' jaw with a lunging left hook, and stays on the trigger with a depth charge of a right hand that flattens Tavares.

Tim Boetsch defeats Brad Tavares by TKO (punches) at 3:18 of Round 2