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Police report details War Machine's battery, attempted murder and sexual assault charges in Christy Mack case

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The police report for the incident involving John "War Machine" Koppenhaver's alleged attack of Christy Mack and Corey Thomas has been released. The document provides very disturbing insight into what Mack and Thomas told police happened on August 8.

A warning, up front. This article details portions of the official police report for the domestic abuse allegations against Jon Koppenhaver (aka War Machine) by Christine Mackinday (aka Christy Mack). The details are graphic and disturbing and include both domestic violence and sexual assault. If those subjects are triggers for you, I'd advise not reading past this point.

The police report for the case against War Machine, former UFC fighter and Bellator fighter at the time of the allegations, has been released. The multiple page document details what Christy Mack and Corey Thomas told the police happened on August 8.

The document details a number of charge. Listed are: (1 count) Battery w/ substantial bodily harm, (1 count) strangulation, (2 counts) battery w/ substantial bodily harm DV-related, (1 count) kidnapping DV-related, (1 count) open and gross lewdness DV-related and (1 count) attempted murder DV-related.

You can read the full PDF copy of the report here, apologies for the watermark but there was a phone number exposed that needed to be edited out.

Here are some excerpts from the document:

"Upon arrival contact was made with victim Christine Mackinday...Both of Mackinday's eyes were swollen shut. Mackinday had bruising around her eyes and dry blood around her nose and mouth. Mackinday also had swollen lips and was missing two of her teeth. Mackinday was asked what happened and she stated her boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver whom she has been dating for 15 months came over to her residence at approximately 0130 hours while she was in her bedroom in bed with her friend Corey Thomas. Koppenhaver slapped Mackinday and then began beating up her friend Thomas."

"Mackinday was found to be further suffering from a lacerated liver. Mackinday was admitted for observation to determine if surgery will be necessary to repair her injury. Mackinday has extensive facial injury identified by multiple fractures and breaks. Thomas's [sic] injuries included a brokn orbital and fractures throughout his face as well. Both victims injuries are still be [sic] evaluated and the final diagnosis for both is forthcoming."

There was then a sexual assault interview conducted. A paraphrased version is included with the note that the full conversation will be transcribed and included later. Mackinday identified Koppenhaver as "her boyfriend" and stated that they've been "on-again, off-again."

From the interview portion:

"At approximately 1:30-2 am she woke up to her dogs barking (2 pit bulls that were also sleeping in her bed) and Koppenhaver walking into her room...Koppenhaver then attacked Thomas while he was laying in the bed and Koppenhaver began punchingThomas in the face. Mackinday asked Koppenhaver to stop and Koppenhaver continued to punch Thomas. While Koppenhaver was beating Thomas, Mackinday dialed 911 from her cell phone, and hid the phone from Koppenhaer. Mackinday did not say anything to the operator and she left the phone with an open line. Mackinday explained Koppenhaver choked Thomas by placing Thomas in a 'rear naked choke.'"


"The fighting continued for approximately 10 minutes and Koppenhaver eventually released Thomas from the choke hold. Thomas was bleeding 'profusely' from his face and Koppenhaver had Thomas's blood on his shirt. Koppenhaver told Thomas to leave and told Thomas that he would kill him if he reported this and Koppenhaver went to jail. Koppenhaver said he would give his friends all of Thomas's information and his friends would find Thomas and kill him if anything happened to Koppenhaver.

After Thomas left, Koppenhaver turned his hitting to Mackinday. Mackinday said Koppenhaver first began hitting her when she was in the area between her bedroom and bathroom. Mackinday could not remember where Koppenhaver hit her first."


"Koppenhaver then took Mackinday's clothes off of her and he forced her to take a shower (in the bathroom attached to her master bedroom). While she was in the shower Koppenhaver continued to yell at her...

The next thing Mackinday recalled was being on the bathroom floor, naked and Koppenhaver continued to hit her in the face. Mackinday recalled Koppenhaver punched and kicked her in the left leg while she was in the fetal position on the ground. Mackinday further recalled being on "all fours" by the shower and Koppenhaver kicked her in the ribs. Mackinday described Koppenhaver broke several of her teeth while punching her.

Mackinday remembers Koppenhaver going through her Instagram and Twitter accounts and every time Koppenhaver found something he did not like, he would hit her in the face with both, open and closed fists."


"While Mackinday was lying on the ground in the bathroom Koppenhaver told her "that's my pussy and I'm gonna take it back now". Koppenhaver then licked his hand and put it on her vagina. Mackinday denied that Koppenhaver penetrated her vagina at all and denied any other sexual contact. Koppenhaver did tell her that he was going to rape her but he "could not get hard" and he was mad about it. Mackinday did not see if Koppenhaver exposed his penis."


"Mackinday further identified Koppenhaver with a dull kitchen knife that had a broken handle. She stated Koppenhaver had held it to her head and threatened her with it. Mackinday escaped when Koppenhaver told her he needed to finish the job and went to the kitchen looking for a sharper knife. Mackinday heard Koppenhaver down in the kitchen going through the drawers, with metal objects clanging on the counter. When Mackinday heard the noise, she went out the bedroom door to the back yard and escaped."

We will have more details of the case as they emerge.

Here's War Machine and Christy Mack on the MMA Hour in 2013