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Police hung up on Christy Mack's neighbor, delayed response allowed War Machine to escape

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A Nevada NBC affiliate is reporting claims by the neighbor who took in Christy Mack following her assault alleging that the LVPD hung up on her initial calls and that their delayed response allowed Koppenhaver to escape.

Fortunately Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver has been captured but the entire manhunt could possibly have been avoided if the Las Vegas police had responded promptly when Christy Mack and the neighbors who took her in had answered the call promptly.

Allegedly 911 dispatchers even hung up on them.

That's pretty egregious.

The assault only really began to get attention when Mack posted pictures on twitter and described a horrific assault on her and reality TV star Corey Thomas by Koppenhaver.

Dog the Bounty Hunter capitalized on the publicity surrounding the case but it seems his efforts weren't entirely for naught as public scrutiny and attention does tend to get the authorities to perform their legal duties with more diligence.

Koppenhaver was arrested yesterday afternoon in Simi Valley, California by U.S. Marshals and Simi Valley police. Fortunately his old Twitter threats to go out amidst a blaze of carnage and mass killing proved to be empty bluster this time.