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Cathal Pendred makes charity donation after receiving King's bonus

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It may be born out of a bad situation, but Cathal Pendred is putting Mike King's lost bonus money to good use.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Sometimes the best things can come from bad decisions. Little did Mike King know when he decided to juice going into his fight with Cathal Pendred, that at least some of the bonus money he'd end up losing would go to charity. That's what Pendred himself is saying after he successfully campaigned to receive King's half of their FOTN bonus from UFC Fight Night Dublin.

It's really good to see money from an ugly side of the sport going to something better and it's a genuinely great thing for Pendred to do. Obviously there are a lot of fighters doing charity work, so Pendred's actions shouldn't set him apart as going above and beyond his peers. Rather, this is just a nice way to show fans, media, and even other fighters, that there are good things that can be done with even the most inglorious UFC moments. And that fighters can do more with the bad publicity of PED's in MMA than just speak out against it.