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Criminal complaint filed against War Machine Jon Koppenhaver includes 5 felony charges

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The official criminal complaint has been filled against War Machine Jon Koppenhaver. Get the full details here.

Josh Hedges, Zuffa LLC

For the past few days, we have been documenting the ongoing story surrounding former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine Jon Koppenhaver and his alleged assault of former girlfriend Christy Mack that landed Mack in the hospital with severe injuries.

The official criminal complaint has now been filled in the state of Nevada, outlining the exact charges against Koppenhaver. Koppenhaver is accused of the following:

Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm
Battery by Strangulation
Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm Constituting Domestic Violence
Open or Gross Lewdness
Assault with a Deadly Weapon

That's six counts including three Category C Felonies, two Category B Felonies, and one Misdemeanor. The first two charges are for the attack against Corey Thomas, the following four concern Mack (real name: Christine Mackinday). You can read the full complaint here. Included in the complaint are details on the attacks that match the public statement released by Mack earlier this week.

Since that attack last Friday, warrants have been issued for Koppenhaver's arrest. However, as of this writing, Koppenhaver remains at large.

Here are War Machine and Christy Mack on The MMA Hour in June 2013:

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