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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? George Takei now 'interested in UFC' after seeing Kyle Kingsbury's support for gay marriage

The week's most interesting bits from the UFC and MMA twitter world.




"Random drug testing.......awesome. Just like the Olympics. @BrianStann it's working :)"  -Daniel Cormier, Jones pulled out a few days after, put yo tin foil hats on!

"Heal up see u in January! DC"  -Daniel Cormier

"Bad: You'll have to wait a bit longer to see me win again. Good: I'm the new UFC 178 headliner. Bout time that card gets a real main event."  -Demetrious Johnson, I love how DJ fights, but that card went from over 1 million buys, to less than 300k again.



"can you guys tell Bobby to take his eyes of wanting to fight Norman because hes not going to get past me in thank you"  -Jorge Masvidal

"Wow well here we motherfucker I hope your ready your going to get exactly what your looking for"  -Bobby Green

"Just want u to know I'm going to check your chin and make u a wrestler u will fight u will squill and u will... Lose!! U never been in the fire that I'm going to put u in #KingMe #KingArmy"  -Bobby Green

"haha focus on masvidal queen b! We wil date soon enough but no dirty kicks to tha bollocks to win."  -Norman Parke

"How about u worry about your punching power u got pillows for hands I'd rather watch paint dry lol"  -Bobby Green

"Ul see about that, mayb if u didn't run ur mouth during fights an fight like a proper man."  -Norman Parke

"you all are great fighters but are acting like WWE divas lol"  -Diego Sanchez



" do not try spin this on me. U talk shit on UFCtonight a couple weeks ago and I responded like I always have, to what u said."  -Luke Rockhold

"@LukeRockhold wow, you again. Find a hobby or something, whatever it is, please stop crying at me."  -Michael Bisping

" do u even know what your saying? I'm responding to u & what u say about me on interviews and national tv. That's all it's ever been"  -Luke Rockhold

"@LukeRockhold yeah that was 2 weeks ago. I think we've all moved on. #getalife"  -Michael Bisping

"@bisping u have split personalities disorder or something? I'm starting to feel bad for your other side lol don't win aug 23rd I will hurt u"  -Luke Rockhold



".@WarMachine170 better 2Give All You Excuses To The Judge got 24 hrs to turn your self in or I am Coming After YOU.!#CMTDogAndBeth"  -Dog the Bounty Hunter

"@WarMachine170 I'm coming for you bro!"  -Uriah Hall



"That awkward moment when u catch people banging in the hot tub.... "  -Sergio Pettis

"If 1 of us goes down, there will ALWAYS be the other 3. #4Horsewomen is a sisterhood. Friendship defines us, not growth bumps."  -Shayna Baszler

""Friendship defines us, not w/l records" "But u lost!! Down w/your group of friends!!" ....Twitter Experts. twidiots. smh"  -Shayna Baszler

"The difference between me and @MarkBocek. He retired because of guys using PEDs. I retired because I couldn't afford them. #mma #ufc"  -Din Thomas

"t's Official I am back in the UFC!!!! I wanna Thank Jeff and Lex of Titan FC for letting me go pursue my dreams! They really live up to their slogan " Fans, Fighters, First " I made a promise to myself when I was released by the UFC in 2010 that I would not stop and would not quit until I made it back. I have done nothing since then but train my ass of to improve my skill-set knowing that one day I would accomplish this goal. I am so happy to announce with great pride that if you believe in something and pursue it with everything you got.... it can be achieved! I am living proof of this! :)"  -Ben Saunders





"I remain undefeated"  -Chael Sonnen

"@JoshLBarnett great job last night bro. what a stud! Dished out a little punishment didn't u warmaster. :)"  -Daniel Cormier

"@dc_mma Thanks bud. Some guys are too tough to get right away. You gotta tenderize them first. Now it's your turn man. Show the world."  -Josh Barnett



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