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Mark Bocek not impressed with the UFC’s handling of WMMA: If she has ‘cool bikini shots then she can get in’

Retired Canadian lightweight competitor Mark Bocek revealed on The MMA Hour that he was disappointed with the way the UFC was promoting WMMA fights above what they deserve.

While many mid-tier MMA fighters retire without much media attention, Canada's Mark Bocek has certainly not been one of those fighters. The Canadian lightweight presented a variety of reasons that led to his retirement, some of which were grim and realistic, while other parts simply seemed like disgruntled outcries.

Bocek credited a lack of motivation, brain damage and weight cutting as primary reasons for his retirement but he did mention several other reasons for his surprising exit from the sport. The first reason is his stance on PEDs, while the second is his distaste for how the UFC favoured "female-MMA" over their more "accomplished" male counterparts.

"The direction of MMA is they're pushing the female-MMA - Ronda (Rousey) technically the pound-for-pound best fighter," Bocek told The MMA Hour. "We'll put experienced, accomplished male MMA fighters on undercards but we'll put females who started training last year in the co-main event. That direction was part of the persuasion that forced me to get out."

Bocek would follow up with another sour remark regarding the likes of Felice Herrig, who chose to promote themselves through sexual appeal as well as fighting ability.

"It is difficult for an elite female MMA fighter to get in (the UFC), but if she has some decent skills and some cool bikini shots then she can get in."

While there may be some truth to what Bocek is saying, he seems to have completely disregarded Rousey's Olympic background in Judo, which makes her a more than qualified candidate to easily snatch a higher spot on a fight card.

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