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Jose Aldo doesn't take McGregor's words personally: 'He's a new Sonnen'

The UFC 145-pound champ has some thoughts on the style of a new potential challenger.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo hasn't been bothered by the big talk game played by Conor McGregor. While the champ was included in the Irish fighter's "annihilation list", "Scarface" tells his hometown media that McGregor is just trying to promote himself in Chael Sonnen fashion.

"I see his words as a normal thing. He's like a new Sonnen. He's building his name. He has just a few fights in the UFC and he's trying to jump the line. He for sure has already done this, because he talks so much. He speaks very well, I think he'll reach his goals very fast. About the belt, someday we'll meet and then we'll see who is who. "

The exchange of words with Chad Mendes was also minimized by Aldo to another local outlet.

"He's trying to destabilize me and it's part of the game. I'll answer his hostility in the day of the fight."

After beating Mendes at UFC 142, on January of 2012, Aldo will face the title challenger again in Rio de Janeiro at UFC 179, on October 25, while McGregor will fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 178, on September 27.

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