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Ken Pavia defends War Machine, says the truth will 'come out'

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Ken Pavia has decided that he should publicly defend War Machine following horrific allegations of a brutal attack on former girlfriend Christy Mack.

Just a screengrab of the related search terms for Ken Pavia
Just a screengrab of the related search terms for Ken Pavia

Ken Pavia has had a bad past five years as his reputation has taken some big public hits.

He was named in a lawsuit by the UFC for having delivered confidential UFC contracts and bout agreements to Bellator, UFC vet Dale Hartt called him a "lying, cheating, stealing, piece of crap," Joe Riggs claimed that Pavia cheated fighters out of money, Mike Ciesnolevicz said that Pavia screwed him out of money, including charging him 30% rather than the agreed upon 20% and Anthony Johnson had similar complaints that he'd been shorted pay by Pavia.

In 2012, both Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta made it clear how they really felt about Pavia:

Now, Pavia has taken to publicly defending War Machine as the former UFC and Bellator fighter is on the run after allegations that he brutally attacked former girlfriend Christy Mack:

For her part, Mack is vehemently denying that the blood would be War Machines:

There, of course, is the possibility that there is blood from War Machine if either alleged victim put up a struggle, or he could have busted his knuckles open during the assault.

It would seem in this situation that the correct thing for an associate like Pavia is to strongly push for War Machine to turn himself in. And the "the truth is gonna come out" line is a classic for domestic abusers and their defenders. In this situation, where there are allegations of horrific violence, it's a pretty good time to not defend the alleged abuser.

War Machine and Christy Mack on the MMA Hour in June 2013: