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Luke Rockhold on preparing Daniel Cormier for Jon Jones: 'I poke him in the eyes whenever I can'

Luke Rockhold, one of the primary training partners of Daniel Cormier, talks about the brawl with Jon Jones, and helping his teammate for the title fight.

Photo by Esther Lin

Luke Rockhold spoke about Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones' infamous brawl, and while a few people say it's 'bad for the sport', the former Strikeforce champion doesn't have any problems about it. He even says, any fines or repercussions that the UFC doles out for their actions aren't really going to matter.

"I’m all for it," Rockhold told Submission Radio as he spoke about the brawl. "I mean we're fighting. This is our job. This is what people pay to see. Shit talk and all that commotion before fights, that just sells it even harder. It’s like, you get slapped on the wrist, take your whatever fine that’s gonna be, you know twenty, thirty thousand, who cares? You're gonna make hundreds of thousands of more dollars for that fight. That's gonna build that pay per view, you sell that much more."

While he's fine with the scuffle that broke out which ended up hyping the UFC 178 bout even more, Rockhold isn't a fan of the death threats that Jones made "off the air".

"That was pretty heavy. I actually didn’t know about that until about an hour ago. We were in the gym and DC’s like 'did you see this, did you see the video?', and I was like 'of course I’ve seen the video', and he goes 'no, this one' and he showed me. And I was like 'oh my god'. He took that one a little too far. I mean, when you’re mic'd up in a room you don’t say things (that) you don't want, even if it’s like off air c'mon, c'mon. The guys should've known better than that. DC should know better than that."

Along with Cain Velasquez, Rockhold is one of the primary training parts of Cormier. He's tasked with emulating Jones, and it seems like he has got it down to a T.

"I’m pretty the much the most like Jon Jones he's gonna find. So we’re gonna be putting some hard rounds in together like we always do, and I’m not gonna take it easy on him that’s for sure," he said. "Pretty much when we're walking around the gym, I look to try and poke him in the eyes whenever I can. Keep him on his toes, you know."

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