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Knuckle Up #405: Jones-D.C: the smartest stupidest moves ever, Sonnen vs NSAC

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In Round #405 KNUCKLE UP host and that gadabout we're mad about EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "SERPENTINE"] spends the vast majority of the show breaking down what he believes is safe to say the biggest fight of 2014: the JON JONES v. DANIEL CORMIER late September match up. From the genesis of RASHAD EVANS' genius creation of the "fake" narrative to its total failure as a defining issue to the specific skill sets set out by a resident team of experts -- COACH DREAMCRUSHER LEOPOLDO SERAO and EL MATADOR -- also known as guys who hung out long enough to not be able to escape when the show started, Robinson goes 360 degrees into the death match that will enter the history books on September 27th, barring injury or any of other act of god not having to do with cudgels. Add to this the laughable non-exercise of power spread out by the NSAC in regards to Issue SONNEN and how Robinson almost lost the sight in his left eye this past week.Wait, in re-watching we see Blinky never got around to discussing what the hell blinded him in his left eye but until further notice we'll just say it was "masturbation" and leave it at that.

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