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Jose Aldo blasts fighters critical of TRT: 'They're pussies trying to find an excuse'

Jose Aldo says that he's not concerned if his opponents are using performance enhancing drugs and fighters who criticize TRT are trying to find an excuse for possible losses.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The controversy of performance enhancing drugs in MMA is not a big deal for Jose Aldo. The UFC Featherweight champion told that he doesn't care if his opponents use banned substances, and said that the TRT critics are simply trying to find an excuse for losses and bad performances:

"I see no problem (with TRT usage). A lot of people use something and hide, then they criticize people who admittedly use. I think these are a bunch of pussies trying to find an excuse, fearing to lose fights against who's doing a good job. At one point you have an age that makes it necessary and I see no problem with TRT. I would fight who is doing TRT, who isn't, or who is using other drugs. It doesn't matter to me anyway. The same punch I'll throw in one of these guys, I'll throw in another of them. If it's allowed or not, I don't care because I'll still train and fight as I'm doing right now."

Aldo will defend his UFC 145-pound belt for the seventh time at UFC 179, on October 25, in a rematch with Chad Mendes. Both men have been trading words and accusations recently, saying that the other uses performance enhancing drugs, although none of them have ever been caught in drug tests.

In their first fight, Aldo KO'd Mendes in the first round of the UFC 142 main event, on January of 2012.

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