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Ray Longo ‘not comfortable’ with Weidman vs. Belfort at UFC 181, hopes Vitor ‘mans up’ and sets a ‘good example’

Chris Weidman’s head coach Ray Longo revealed he is cautiously wary about his pupil fighting Vitor Belfort so soon at UFC 181.

Ethan Miller

Ray Longo is not entirely convinced that his pupil and current middleweight champion Chris Weidman should be facing Vitor Belfort so soon after the Brazilian's positive drug test.

Belfort failed a random drug test on February 7, which was due to a significant rise in his testosterone levels. Considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) was banned earlier in the year, Belfort was ultimately removed from his title fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 173 and replaced by Lyoto Machida.

He has since been granted licensure in the State of Nevada under three conditions: Firstly, the title fight with Weidman would not take place before December, with the second condition emphasizing that the bout take place in Nevada. The third condition was that Belfort be subjected to any amount of drug testing that the commission chose.

However, just because he was licensed to compete in Nevada does not mean that Longo should not proceed with caution and suspicion.

"I'm definitely not comfortable," Longo told's Mike Bohn. "I just hope the guy passes the drug test. I hope the guy mans up and does what he has to as a man and for his kids and to set a good example. Instead of talking about it, just do it. Take the drug tests, pass them, and let's get the fight on.

"If you look at history in the past, you can't be comfortable with the guy passing a drug test," Longo said. "I'm just hoping the guy does the right thing and he had an epiphany somewhere and he's going to do the right thing. Let's pass the test and fight. So that's what I want to happen."

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