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UFC Tweets of the Day: Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson talk smack about Jon Jones' cut

More beefing via social media between the UFC 178 headliners in Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier


Shortly after Jon Jones revealed that he had suffered a huge cut in training that required stitches, his UFC 178 opponent in Daniel Cormier took to social media. He has already stated that he's going to try and stomp on that injured toe, and now he says that cut will be like a bullseye when they face off. Here's what he said on Instagram, followed by the photoshopped image below:

September 27th I'm gonna put so many of these on ur face @jonnybones. I can't wait everyday I'm dreaming and thinking of you. And I'm gonna take u down and grind my elbow into that cut you got today. Put a bullseye on that thing. Some things should remain private. DC

Alexander Gustafsson also joined the party, posting the following on Social Media:

@jonnybones, really sorry for the deep cut I gave you in our last fight. At least you will have a memory from me every time someone opens it up for you. To not make your other eye jealous for not having a cut, I promise to leave a memory on that one as well next time we fight. Now, take care

Jones has since responded to DC with an instagram video of his own, stating that he has 'heard it all', along with another tweet on the topic:

For what it's worth, Cormier did have some nice things to say about Jones on twitter, stating he thought the champ won against Gustafsson, along with this tweet about him being close to being the greatest of all time in MMA.

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