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Muay Thai results: Pornsanae and Pokkaew have crazy violent shootout!

Today, at the new Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, guaranteed action fighters Pornsanae Sitmonchai and Pokkeaw Fonjanchonburi waged war in a crazy and violent shootout that didn't last two rounds. Also, the light welterweight champions of both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums squared off. Other HD fights inside, as well as full results.

As the old adage goes, the show must go on. Petchyindee Promotions didn't let two late changes to their card at the new Lumpinee Stadium get in the way of putting on another great card, which saw the pound-for-pound best Petchboonchu F.A Group take on the larger Saensatarn Sor Suradet, as well as the pound-for-pound most exciting fighter Pornsanae Sitmonchai taking on the veteran warmonger Pokkeaw.

The main video to this results round-up is the latter bout. Just the other week I wrote how a fight between Pornsanae and Pokkeaw had to be cancelled at late notice, and that Pornsanae would fight Detnarong today. Well, at the last minute Pokkeaw became available and was slotted in to today's card, weighing in at 133lbs to Pornsanae's 131lbs.

Rob Cox, the Western authority on Muay Thai, was ringside in Bangkok, and he had this to say as he watched the fight unfold:

This was guaranteed to be an interesting stylistic matchup. Pornsanae is not a particularly technical fighter, and his main tools are known to everyone he fights. He has a powerful dig in each hand, and some of the most devastating leg kicks in the sport. His weaknesses, which include a lack of a well-rounded skill set and a tendency to throw everything into the first few rounds (which given the nature of Muay Thai scoring is the only option for him) are also as clear as day. I likened him to the Muay Thai equivalent of Arturo Gatti; a kill or be killed warrior who is very rarely in a dull fight.

Pokkeaw on the other hand, is a wily veteran of the sport, a good all-rounder who comes on late in the fight after taking everything you've got.

The fight started in typical Pornsanae fashion. He buckled Pokkeaw with a savage leg kick at the beginning of the second round, then poured on the offence. Just as Pokkeaw looked to dwindle under Pornsanae's onslaught, he turned a right hand over that dropped Pornsanae and had him all that sea.

That is when an incredible sequence turned into an unbelievable round. Pokkeaw, sensing blood, started battering Pornsanae all over the ring. Desperate, Pornsanae threw a high kick at Pokkeaw which dropped him, but for a no-count.

Pornsanae tumbled over with this attack, and looked badly hurt. However, upon rising, Pokkeaw's legs looked unsteady, and Pornsanae charged at him to try and force the finish, running into a right hand that sent him flying across the ring!

After that, it was all Pokkaew, as he beat Pornsanae up, and finally down to force the stoppage near the end of the second stanza. An incredible round that will be hard to omit when you're asked for the best session of 2014.

Pound-For-Pound Best Loses

Petchboonchu F.A Group, the current Rajadamnern 140lb champion and the very best fighter in the sport today, took on Sensatarn Sor Suradet, the current 140lb Lumpinee champion.

The bout was a late replacement for yet another instalment in the epic series between Petchboonchu and the brilliant Yodwicha Por Boonsit, which was due to be contested at 137lbs. With Yodwicha pulling out earlier this week, Petchyindee Promotions made this non-title bout at 139lbs for Petchboonchu (red shorts), and 142lbs for Sensatarn (blue shorts).

Petechboonchu put forth a very valiant effort, but imposing the clinch on a taller and naturally bigger opponent is one of the hardest things for a master of the clinch to try and do, and it showed here. Petchboonchu was knocked over by a hard knee at one stage, and although Petchboonchu kept his poker face throughout, he looked marked up at the end of the five rounds as Sensatarn took a hard-fought decision.

Petchboonchu's stock doesn't drop one iota after this. He's not a natural light welterweight, and he fought well against the best 140lber in Muay Thai (Sensatarn is also ranked no.3 by Rajadamnern to add to his Lumpinee championship)

The Main Event

In the main event, Lumpinee super featherweight champion (130lbs) Petmorakot Wor Sangprapai (red shorts) took on Kongsak Sitboonmee (blue shorts) in, from what I can gather, was a non-title bout set at the division limit. My only guess as to why this wasn't for the title was because Kongsak is not ranked by Lumpinee Stadium at 130lbs (he is the 3rd ranked 135lber). However, Kongsak is a former Lumpinee Stadium champion at both 126 and 130lbs.

These two had a very competitive bout back in May that was ruled a draw, but this time there was only one winner.

Kongsak beat Petmorakot up throughout, and showed far better balance and poise, taking a clear decision after five rounds. A few people whose opinions I trust that are based in Bangkok said this was one of the worst beatings they've ever seen Petmorakot take, and from what I've seen of him I'd be inclined to agree. This bout was nowhere near as competitive as their bout of just a few months prior.

Other reults from the card

-In a rematch from last month, and their third fight overall, Kwankhao Mor Ratanobandit (blue shorts) and Kaimukkao Sor Kiatniwat (red shorts) faced off at 129lbs.

This was a terrific fight, with Kwankhao scoring a beautiful knockdown in round 3 off a right straight-left hook combo, but Kaimukkao stormed back in the 5th with a jarring high kick and high pressure. Kwankhao took the decision, but you can be sure that these two will meet again.

That's pretty much it for another top quality card from Petchyindee Promotions. Be sure to check out Muay Ties and Live Muay Thai Guy for other terrific fights.

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