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Peter Aerts vs Ernesto Hoost reported for October 19 in Japan

Reports are in that kickboxing legends Peter Aerts and Ernesto Hoost will square off for the 6th time in their Hall of Fame careers this October in Japan. Full details here.

Peter Aerts vs Gokhan Saki, K-1 2009
Peter Aerts vs Gokhan Saki, K-1 2009
Daniel Herbertson, Head Kick Legend

Though not confirmed, there's an interesting upcoming kickboxing fight being talked about that is well worth some attention. According to sources, on October 19 in Osaka, Japan, two of the all time legends of the sport will meet once again as Peter Aerts takes on Ernesto Hoost for the WKO Heavyweight championship.

Longtime kickboxing fans will be forgiven for their surprise over that announcement. Aerts is 43 years old and a 26 year pro. Ever since 2010, he has seemed to be just 1 or 2 fights away from retirement. After a rough 0-2 2012, Aerts went 1-1 in 2013, and now comes in off a May draw with fellow veteran Dewey Cooper. He also has a fight scheduled against Freddy Kemayo in August.

Hoost is 48. He started his career in 1983, and in 2006 retired. Earlier this year, he had his first fight in 8 years, defeating Thomas Stanley by decision in Japan.

In their primes, both Aerts and Hoost were among the sport's very best - if you wanted to argue that they are #1 and #2 on the list of all time great Heavyweights, few would stop you. They have fought 5 times in the past, with Hoost currently leading the series 3-2.

Personally, I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it's ERNESTO HOOST and PETER AERTS fighting again, which is very exciting. On the other hand, it's Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts fighting in 2014, which is a bit scary. Especially after what we saw this past weekend from B.J. Penn, there's a worry about how this fight could go. That said, if they are going to fight, I'd much rather these two fight each other than say Daniel Ghita.

What's your take BE faithful? Hoost vs. Aerts VI: exciting or ridiculous?

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