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Robert Drysdale not concerned about TRT ban: ‘I wasn’t on it long enough to feel an effect’

Robert Drysdale discusses his submission win over Keith Berish at the TUF 19 Finale, as well as how he feels with the use of TRT.

Notable Jiu-Jitsu specialist Robert Drysdale picked up a fantastic win on The Ultimate Fighter 19 prelims, and while it was a strong showing, it did not erase the memory of the failed random drug test ahead of his initially planned UFC debut in Brazil.

Drysdale, who was scheduled to make his UFC debut last year on a couple of different occasions, was denied a license for UFC 167 due to an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio.

While some fighters like Chael Sonnen admit to significant ill effects after stopping TRT, Drysdale was not concerned because he had only undergone the treatment for a little over a month by the time he was caught.

"I feel great man," Drusdale explained at the post-fight scrum. "This is probably my best camp. In all honesty, I was only on it for about a month, so it's not like it (TRT) made a huge difference to me. I'm used to not being on it. I'm fine."

When asked to divulge into the details of the situation, Drysdale explained that the issue was a "bureaucratic" one, as he had informed both the UFC and the commission that he would be undergoing TRT treatment.

"The first thing I did was to apply to the commission and to the UFC before I even picked up my prescription. They were fully aware of it. So when the random (drug) test came, I was surprised. I put it as a bureaucratic issue - I thought I had a license so there was a bit of confusion there. It is al in the past and I feel great. I really don't feel the effects of it. I wasn't on it long enough to feel an effect."