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Ray Longo advises Vitor Belfort to ‘man up’ and ‘play by the rules’ if he wants to face Chris Weidman

Notable MMA coach Ray Longo discussed his team’s two victories this week, including Chris Weidman’s “brawling” victory over Lyoto Machida. He also explained his stance on Vitor Belfort and what it would take for the Brazilian to face Weidman in the octagon.

Ray Longo gave former light-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort a clear ultimatum: either play by the rules or no title shot against the champion.

Longo, who is Chris Weidman's head coach at the Serra BJJ Academy, explained that he was disappointed to have to inform Belfort, who is married and has kids of his own, that he had to "man up" and stop being a "liar." He believes that if the Brazilian simply followed the clear guidelines placed in front of him by the athletic commission, Weidman would be prepared to face him as soon as possible.

"Play by the rules," Longo stated in a post-fight interview with's Ariel Helwani. "Man up, and don't be a liar. I mean what do we stand for? You've got kids and your lying to everybody. Just play by the rules and Weidman will fight him any day of the week."