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Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn 3 Full Fight Video Highlights from TUF 19 Finale

Watch footage from the 3rd bout between former UFC champions Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn.

Frankie Edgar thoroughly dominated during the third bout against B.J. Penn, beating down the former two-division champion and forcing the referee to stop the fight midway through the third round. It wasn't Penn's finest hour, and it led to the 'Prodigy' announcing his retirement following the bout.

For highlights from the TUF 19 Finale main event bout, you can watch the clip above. For a more detailed recap, check out the detailed account from our live blog below:

R1: Penn, in an oddly upright stance, comes out with double jabs. Edgar stings with a one-two and, later, with a sharp low kick. Penn looking to walk in behind punches and snatch up the Thai plum but Edgar's punches are penetrating his guard. Edgar changes levels and puts Penn on his back. He disengages but then leaps back in with a right hand that misses. Edgar stands back up but can't pass Penn's legs while diving back into his guard.

Penn with good head and wrist control, causing Edgar to back out again. Edgar kicks to the thighs and dives into his guard again. Feet on hips for Penn with good control of Edgar's posture. Herb Dean stands them up with a minute left. Penn checks Edgar's low kick. Edgar plugs Penn with a left hand, then lands a three-punch flurry and a left hook before the bell. 10-9 Edgar.

R2: Edgar grabs a single but Penn limp-legs out of it. Edgar finds Penn's chin with a right hand. Penn lands a right/left counter but misses with a left hook. Edgar snatches another single but switches to a double to take Penn down. Edgar backs out and re-engages, landing a few shots from on top. Almost no activity or hip movement from Penn in guard, just posture control.

Penn boots him off but can't create enough space to escape. Half butterfly guard for Penn but Edgar keeps cutting off the angle for the sweep and thwacking Penn with ground and pound. 10-8 Edgar for the domination plus Penn's resounding lack of offense.

R3: Ineffective jabs from out of range from Penn as Edgar dots him up with punches and a low kick. Edgar lands left hands in triplicate and then a right. Crafty trip from striking range from Edgar, who continues to maul the inactive Penn with ground and pound. Penn is bloodied up and even starts grimacing visibly when Edgar switches to elbows and forearms. Herb Dean steps in to end the odd and one-sided contest.

Frankie Edgar defeats B.J. Penn by TKO (punches) at 4:16 of Round 3