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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale (prelims) live results, discussion and play by play

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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live and complete coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale featuring Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn.

The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale, the second of back-to-back UFC events this weekend, takes place tonight from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 11-fight event is captained by the third go-around between former lightweight champions Frankie Edgar and B.J. Penn, this time in the featherweight class. As per custom, a duplex of bouts will determine this season's TUF winner on the main card, which starts at 9:00 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1.

Beforehand, six fights will transpire on the TUF 19 preliminary cards: four on FOX Sports 1 at 7:00 p.m. ET and two to kick off the festivities on UFC Fight Pass at 6:00 p.m. ET. Live results, play by play and discussion for both preliminary cards will be updated herein. The complete preliminary card lineups and start times follow.

TUF 19 Fox prelims (FOX Sports 1 at 7:00 p.m. ET)

Kevin Lee vs. Jesse Ronson

R1: Lee goes right after a double leg but Ronson stays afoot with double underhooks, then wrist control when Lee transitions to a single. They separate and Lee has a high kick blocked. Side-stepping rights for Ronson. Lee shoots and Ronson gets double underhooks to defend again. Lee with a body kick on the break. Ronson chops out Lee's support leg to counter a high kick and Lee goes down momentarily.

Left hook and right outside low kick for Ronson, who then digs to the body with a right. Quick jab lands for Ronson. A jab and double sequence of one-twos for Lee. Front push pick from Ronson. Lee shoots again, without a set up as in his previous attempts, and Ronson's defense remains sturdy. Lee pushes Ronson to the fence with a body lock and hoists him for a takedown but Ronson takes a knee and gets back up quickly. Lee gets him back down with 30 seconds left. Lee looks to pass and ends the round in back control. 10-9 Lee by a narrow margin.

R2: Sharp strikes from Ronson, then a low kick. Lee shoots and Ronson takes a knee to force a stalemate, then lands two short elbows to the temple. Lee readjusts and stays on the double leg with Ronson's back on the fence. Ronson scoots out the next time Lee readjusts and gets loose.

Lee lets his hands go and scores with three successive punches, then shoots a deep double leg and gets it. Ronson traps the neck and gets in guillotine position but Lee breaks the hold, then goes to the front headlock but can't keep Ronson in place. Ronson throws a knee and lands a step-in uppercut. Ronson surprisingly shoots and gets a single but can't peel Lee off the fence. Right/left lands clean for Ronson. Lee shoots with 30 seconds left to no avail. 10-9 Ronson.

R3: Lee shoots early and Ronson counters with the kimura with his back on the fence. Lee disengages and they restart on the feet. Body kick and left hand for Ronson, then a left to the breadbasket to counter Lee's punch. Lee shoots again but Ronson limp-legs free before he can secure position. Lee fires a sloppy punch/takedown combo and Ronson easily defends and counter wrestles Lee to the floor, then moves to back control with the rear-naked choke locked. It's tight under the chin but Lee spins out and into top control.

Now it's Lee who moves to the back ride as Ronson posts to escape, and gets one hook in. Ronson stands and Herb Dean wisely warns Lee for grabbing the cage with his toes, though it was a little late. Ronson uses wrist control and a spin out to escape with 30 seconds left. Lee lands a punch and Ronson connects on a low kick, and seems to get the better of their closing exchange. Tough round but I've got it 10-9 Ronson for the more effective back control (near choke) and a slight edge in effective strikes. I have it 29-28 Ronson.

  • Kevin Lee defeats Jesse Ronson by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Leandro Issa vs. Jumabieke Tuerxun

R1: They both look to find range with boxing combinations for the first minute. Issa lands a low kick and then sneaks a left high kick through Tuerxun's guard. Tuerxun catches a low blow from an inside kick and the action is halted. On the restart, Tuerxun stays busy with his left hand with it's Issa's low kick that finds the mark cleanly.

Issa changes levels for a takedown but Tuerxun is able to evade it. Another sharp leg kick from Issa, then another.
Tuerxun answers back with a right inside low kick. Issa scores with another low kick and Tuerxun comes back with a high kick and a hand combo that lands. Issa dictating distance with his jab. Tuerxun finally connects on his left-handed looper and wallops Issa, then pounces on him with a takedown. 10-10: it was a solid 10-9 Issa until he was hammered by the left.

R2: Tuerxun looks to sustain his momentum but it's Issa who makes the first statement with a vicious low kick that was set up by punches. Tuerxun touches him with his left had again and they both let their hands go. Issa shoots and
Tuerxun counter-wrestles nicely with a whizzer throw. Issa gets halfway into a sweep and blatantly grabs the cage to complete it, and Mario Yamasaki intervenes and immediately takes a point, as he should.

Halfway through the round, we restart with Tuerxun waving Issa in. Issa times a duck-under takedown as
Tuerxun is planted and gets it. Issa is overconfident on his guard pass and it allows Tuerxun to squirm free. Inside low kick from Issa back on the feet. Issa tries to catch Tuerxun with another takedown as he's coming in but it's avoided. Issa chops out Tuerxun's leg with a low kick. While close to another 10-10, I'll go 10-9 Issa, making it 9-9 with the point deduction.

R3: After a series of even exchanges, Issa changes levels on a Tuerxun left hand and puts him on his back. Left hands from Issa in Tuerxun's half guard. Issa looking to trap the arm and step over for the crucifix but Tuerxun turtles to defend it. Issa cinches on a guillotine from the top and drops back for it, then uses it to sweep, rolling into full mount with the hold still locked.

Tuerxun pushes on Issa's hips to break the hold but Issa maintains mount after bailing on the choke. Issa bases down in mount and looks to be working on Tuerxun's arm, but instead traps it to land unhindered lefts to Tuerxun's head. Issa keeps pounding and then explodes after the armbar, getting the tapout after a little torquing.

  • Leandro Issa defeats Jumabieke Tuerxun by submission (armbar) at 3:49 of Round 3

Adriano Martins vs. Juan Manuel Puig

R1: Martins comes out to make an impression with stiff jabs and crosses from southpaw. Puig fires back but is mostly forced to endure the barrage -- he's taken down but gets back up quickly. Beautiful uppercut elbow smashes through the guard of Puig. Counter right hook lands for Martins. Martins blasts Puig with a left cross but takes a kick that lands square to the pills. We pause for recovery.

Martins wastes no time on the restart: Puig comes in with a hands down/double jab combo and Martins puts him in the dirt with another counter right hand. Puig is out cold.

  • Adriano Martins defeats Juan Manuel Puig by KO (right hook) at 2:21 of Round 1

Dan Spohn vs. Patrick Walsh

R1: Walsh uses the clinch to get inside on a double leg and put Spohn on his back. Spohn immediately ties on a guillotine but it's too loose and Walsh slips his head out. Walsh patiently inches into half guard and, supplemented by strong head control and "keep busy" strikes, eventually finds full mount and attacks the arm with the two-on-one grip. Spohn breaks the grip but ends the round bloodied. 10-9 Walsh.

R2: Walsh wings a left hand and follow behind it to lock horns; he can't get the high-crotch takedown but stays with it and elevates Spohn's leg to off-balance him and complete the takedown. Walsh again attacks the far-side arm and sacrifices his position for the kimura but Spohn works out of it and takes top position, then back control with both hooks on Walsh's escape.

Walsh hand-fights to free himself and spins out of danger as Spohn releases his grasp. Spohn with a left on the restart and Walsh ties him up to nullify his striking. Walsh goes after a single and Spohn counters with a guillotine, which forces a brief stalemate until Walsh drops lower to dump Spohn with a takedown. High half guard for Walsh with a heavy base. 10-9 Walsh.

R3: Spohn gets on the trigger to start the frame, engaging Walsh with combinations and landing a left hand. Spohn on him with more combos and a knee to the body but Walsh works another high-crotch takedown to get out of trouble.Walsh coasts through another minute of top time until Spohn starts to work back to his feet -- from a loose rear waist cinch, Walsh turns his overhook into a chicken wing/hammerlock but Spohn spins free.

Spohn lets his hands fly on the restart again and puts Walsh in reverse, then lands another knee to the body from the double necktie to finish his flurry. Walsh backpedals and changes levels to dump Spohn again but sustains his safe and uneventful top control. 10-9 Spohn for the more effective offense. I have it 29-28 Walsh.

  • Patrick Walsh defeats Dan Spohn by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

And this is Dallas, whose gross malfeasance and irresponsibility caused the need for all the teamwork stuff below.

TUF 19 Fight Pass prelims

Alright this is Kid Nate sitting in for Dallas Winston.

Light Heavyweight Robert Drysdale vs. Keith Berish Round 1 Mark Smith is the ref. B-team Octagon girls on duty too. Drysdale opens with a front kick. Drysdale with a sweet double leg, gets the wrestler down quickly. Drysdale has one hook in and he's going for the RNC/neck crank with figure four bodylock back control. Berish stands up and Drysdale abandons the crank briefly and then like a cobra sinks in the RNC and gets the tap -- might have been a tap due to a twisted knee as well! And the replay shows Berish's left knee popping in a ghastly fashion as they fell to the ground.

Robert Drysdale def. Keith Berish via submission (RNC) at 2:03 of Rd 1.

Brent Brookhouse taking over for Nate, who took over for Dallas. TEAMWORK!

Women's catchweight bout Sarah Moras vs. Alexis Dufresne -- Dufresne missed weight badly and came in at 143 pounds. - Round 1 -Moras with a really nice combination that bothers Dufresne, but Dufresne gets inside and scores a nice takedown. Moras gets full guard. Moras tries for an armbar, can't get it and in the scramble Dufresne ends up advancing to side control where Moras begins to throw elbows to the ribs. Dufresne tries to advance to mount and gets pulled back to half guard. Moras tries for an armbar, nothing there. Dufresne now tries a little ground and pound. Moras with a big upkick that lands and Dufresne drops a punch. Interesting round but probably 10-9 Dufresne.

Round 2 -Dufresne with a takedown, she is working alright from the top but gets stood up as the referee lectures about how you have to do more than that if you want to be on the ground. Moras now scores a takedown and is on top but is tied up by Dufresne. And they're eventually stood back up. Moras tries for a takedown and Dufresne almost has mount and then Moras powers through and ends up on top, landing an elbow. Dufresne reverses at the end of the round. I dunno, I guess 10-9 Moras.

Round 3 -Dufresne looking pretty tired, but she scores an almost immediate takedown. Moras tries to slip out the back but Dufresne manages to keep on top. Moras can't manage to get on top so we're looking at her likely giving away a fight she seemingly should win with Dufresne's exhaustion. Moras with an upkick but she's still on her back. Moras tries to lock up an armbar but nothing there. Then an attempt at a triangle and nothing there. 10-9 Dufresne, clearest round of the fight.

Official scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27. Sara Moras wins by unanimous decision.