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Dana White: We offered Cris Cyborg same deal as Ronda Rousey, but they turned it down

Dana White claims to have offered Cris Cyborg a same deal as Ronda Rousey in the past, but according to the UFC president, she turned it down.

Photo by Esther Lin

With every dominant win Ronda Rousey has over each female competitor they put against her, Dana White gets asked about when he would bring in a fellow dominant champion in Cris Cyborg. UFC 175 was no exception, and after Rousey's 16 second TKO over Alexis Davis, White was asked the same question and he became testy about it.

"You guys want me to sign her, is that what you're saying? So, you guys the media are telling me I should sign Cyborg?" White challenged the media, "Who likes it? I want to know names."

"Because I just don't want to hear your bullsh*t if I do. This shit is going to flip as soon as I sign her," he exclaimed, "Drug testing and all the other bullsh*t. It will be the biggest f*cking story for you guys to write. The script will flip immediately."

"Listen, there are certain things to do if you really want to fight in the UFC and if you want to fight for the title. There's ways to get that done. There's ways to do it. It's not like we never offered Cyborg a deal. We offered Cyborg a deal and they turned it down. She got offered the same deal Ronda got offered, and she turned it down."

White of course, was speaking about his own recollection of how negotiations went down during the Strikeforce buyout in 2012, and he also referenced a positive drug test from Cyborg back in 2011. A lot has happened since then, but apart from having Holly Holm emerge as an intriguing contender, Cristiane Justino has continued winning is still widely considered as the person to provide the toughest test to Rousey.

It's 2014 now, and even stars like Sonnen has been popped for previously thought to be 'undetectable' substances such as HGH and EPO. If media backlash from drug testing is really the biggest concern about Cyborg, they can always avoid that by thoroughly test both competitors during the lead up to their fight.

When Dana challenged the media, all but one raised their hands when asked if they wanted to see Cyborg in the UFC. The UFC prides themselves for 'always putting on fights that fans want to see', well Cyborg vs. Rousey is one of them.

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