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Dana White: Chael Sonnen has apologized and is 'laying low'

Dana White was asked about Chael Sonnen, and the UFC president says the former top contender is currently 'laying low'.

Jonathan Ferrey

At the UFC 175 post-fight press conference, Dana White was asked about Chael Sonnen, who was in a whirlwind of controversy following two more failed drug tests, including one for HGH and EPO. According to the UFC president, his former top contender is currently 'laying low' after everything.

"He's laying low. He's apologized, and he's going to live his life, and he's doing his thing up (in Oregon)," White told the media after UFC 175, "I asked him and said 'Chael, do you have any money?' And he said, 'I have every dollar you ever sent me.' I said 'good for you man, because that's a lot of money.'"

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Sonnen has since been relieved of his Fox Sports broadcasting duties, but is still currently set to headline Metamoris 4 against Andre Galvao. He may be laying low for now, but he will probably have to face the media eventually on that August 9 event.

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