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Chris Camozzi on Santos loss: 'He trained to hug me and stall'

In a night punctuated by a string of upsets, Chris Camozzi had some less than kind words for his opponent Bruno Santos, after Camozzi dropped a split decision loss.


Not everyone can be classy in defeat. Chris Camozzi showed a distinct lack of takedown defense in his split decision loss to grinding wrestle/grappler Bruno Santos. Most particularly, Camozzi showed the ability to go for jumping knees and switch knees as takedown defense time and again. Each time Camozzi threw the rear knee, he got taken down. Each time he got taken down he had a hell of a time getting back to his feet. Camozzi, however, seems to have identified a different problem with his gameplan. Speaking to reporters after the fight, he suggested it was Santos' hug-based training that took the win and the fans' money with it.

Camozzi's been around the block enough times (an 8 year career with 10 UFC fights) that a lack of takedown defense and grappling shouldn't really be a viable excuse anymore. But, if he didn't come prepared for a known grinder to implement a grind heavy game plan, I guess there's little reason for him to reflect on the fact now.