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Dana White Q+A: Says Vegas gets Jones vs Gustafsson because they wanted the fight more than Toronto and Sweden

Dana White alluded to a deal in Las Vegas that will make everyone understand why Jon Jones' rematch with Alexander Gustafsson is in Las Vegas. The UFC boss also said that Vegas wanted the fight more than Sweden and Toronto.

Dana White held a fan question and answer session ahead of UFC 175 and it went about the way one would expect. There was a lot of fawning from fans--including some begging for a job--and a wide variety of questions for the UFC boss.

Included in the line of questioning for one fan who wanted White to know that he planned a vacation to Canada around the dates they announced for the country at a prior press conference, only to see the Toronto card get "pulled" by the UFC.

White's response to the fan was lengthy, "first of all, we're not PULLING the event from Toronto. When we lay out the year, we have places where we want to go, right? So we give fans a heads up, this is where we could be going. It's not until we announce the fight. When we announce the fight, that's when we say where we're going."

White would then go on to make an interesting claim that Las Vegas got the rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson for some sort of mysterious deal, "we end up getting Gustafsson/Jones done. From the minute that fight was done, I said there's three spots it's gonna be. It's either gonna be Toronto, Sweden or Las Vegas. That's what I said. Las Vegas wanted that fight worse than Toronto or Sweden. Trust me.

"The deal isn't done yet, so I can't even talk about the deal. But when I do, everybody will understand why it came to Vegas."