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Puttin' in Work: Chris Weidman and various finishes to the snatch single

Tonight, in the main event of UFC 175, Chris Weidman fights Lyoto Machida for the middleweight title. One of the staples of Weidman's wrestling game is his snatch single. This episode of Coach Mike's 'Puttin' in Work' explains how Weidman his his snatch singles, and various ways he can finish it.

This week Mike Riordan and Edge Hoboken team up to bring you a very special Fourth of July Weekend episode of 'Puttin in Work'. This time we celebrate the U.S.A's independence, as well as the wrestling game of UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. In particular, we take an in-depth look at his snatch single leg, and discuss various finishes to this takedown.

In a special turn of circumstance, for this episode we were able to secure the guest demonstration services of none other than Zack Esposito. Espo is an NCAA Division I national champion and assistant coach for the storied wrestling program at Oklahoma State University. He happened to stop by Edge Hoboken to spend some time with his brother, and Edge coach, Dave Esposito. The two brothers demonstrate some cutting-edge technique for us.

We will likely see Weidman employ some sort of snatch single technique in the main event of UFC 175, which makes this episode particularly relevant.

And on that note, it's time to put out hard hat on and put in some work.