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TUF 19 Finale Edgar vs. Penn previews, predictions & odds: MMA Vivisection

Kid Nate hosts as Zane Simon and Fraser Coffeen preview the Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale featuring Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn plus our picks for who will be "The Ultimate Fighter." Tech gremlins make this one of the most inept shows we've ever done.

For fans of meta-Kid Nate action -- listening to me babble as we struggle through bad connectivity issues, time lags, etc -- we have a treat! Fraser Coffeen joined the panel this week along with Zane Simon and a freak midwestern storm (and a crappy headset) made it more like a visit from outer space.

To top it off a jet lagged, exhausted dad Kid Nate was completely incoherent because we shot long after his bedtime....think Fred Willard in "Best of Show"

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