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Rousimar Palhares: 'Fitch should take care of his father'

"Toquinho" became unhappy with Fitch's disapproval over him stepping back away their fight, and told his possible future opponent to take care of his own father.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Rousimar Palhares expressed to his reproval of Jon Fitch, saying that the WSOF welterweight champion shouldn't have walked away from their fight, which would happen this Saturday at WSOF 11. Fitch said that this wasn't a champion's move and classified this decision as "disgusting," arguing that he was going to fight even though his own dad was going to have a surgery soon.

According to "Toquinho," who refused to fight because of a surgery of his mother, the wrong person in this controversy is Fitch and advised his possible future opponent to take care of his father, if it's needed.

"If Fitch came to me saying that he couldn't fight because of a surgery from his father, I would understand. Fitch is wrong because, if his father will have a surgery, he should take care of his father and not fight or do some other stuff. I'm the champion and I won't worry about the things that he say. There is nothing in the world that will change how I feel about it."

Dennis Hallman will replace Palhares against Fitch in the co-main event of WSOF 11, which will be aired by NBC this Saturday.

The welterweight champion has no scheduled date to make his first title defence.

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