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Video: Jon Jones suffers cut over eye in training, stitches required

It's not life threatening, heck it's not even fight threatening, but it was big enough to need a doctor.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Jon Jones needs to up his head game ahead of UFC 178, at least when it comes to protection. The fighter recently suffered a bad cut over his eye during training, one that required a trip to the doctor for stitches. Report is that the stitches will be out within a few days and he'll be back to training with in a week, but it's exactly the kind of scare fans don't need leading into a just recently announced matchup with Daniel Cormier on September 27. Jones released a statement and a couple of videos of his doctor's visit, over Instagram.

FYI this is a completely different scar than the one I had in that area previously, they're not even touching... The four stitches will be out in four days. The wound should be healed within a week. Time for me to start wearing my head gear #adversityisnothing

Good to know the champ is still on track for fight night, and hopefully a little better padded in the head area until then.