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Quinton Jackson 'saw the writing on the wall for TNA Wrestling'

Rampage says he saw first hand how bad TNA wrestling was becoming before its recent troubles and tells us why he never got in the ring, plus his thoughts on his portrayal in his Spike TV reality show.

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The Fight Nerd had a chance to talk with Quinton Jackson at a recent Bellator MMA press event at Dave & Buster's in New York City, and he had plenty to say in typical Rampage fashion.

In the second part of this interview, we discuss Rampage's short-lived career in TNA Wrestling and why we did not see much of him there (or ever see him actually wrestle). A very sleepy Jackson also talks about his continuing plans to get in the ring and pro wrestle, what happened with his "Street Soldier" comic and what he wants to do with it, how he feels about his portrayal on his Spike TV reality show "#Rampage4Real", and the general multi-platform plan that Viacom had for Rampage when he first signed the deal with the company and how it has not panned out much since then.

If you missed part one of this interview where Rampage talks about his continuing feud with "King Mo" Muhammed Lawal and the shady things that Bjorn Rebney did to Rampage (such as not paying for his knee surgery when he was told Bellator would), head to this link here.

If you are unable to view the Ooyala player above, head to this link over here to watch the video on Youtube.

Lastly, if you want to check out Rampage's comic, you can pick up the "Rampage Jackson Street Soldier Special Edition" on Amazon which collects the first four issues of his book for $6.